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About PestCon Solution

PestCon Solution is all about giving our customers the ability to have a safe home without any pests. We drive to eliminate problems and tell you ways that you can help protect your home from any future issues. We use organic products that cause no harm to pets or kids.  

Owner cleaning Cobwebs

Our Process

Here we will explain every step of the way we take in order to give you the best possible results

owner inspecting


We offer a free inspection to all of our customers to see what kind of problems you may have.

owner Inspecting the house


We identify the problem and make sure to get all the right products depending on the issue. We make sure to find out location of the infestation, the type of pest, and any contributing factors that may prevent the pest from being eliminated.


We treat and terminate any pests that you home holds. This usually takes 30min to 2 hours depending on the house size and pest type.

Owner treating the issue


Now prevention. Prevention is a key part of pest control, and it will keep your home from further damage and discomfort. We make sure to block entry point that can cause more pests in the furture.

Owner preventing further problems

Our Quality Guarantee

We have a 100% Guarantee. If pests do in fact come back after they have been completely terminated, we will refund your payments. 

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